MIRACLE by Anna Goldsmith

Singer-songwriter Anna Goldsmith has a unique combination of contemporary and classical pop rock sounds that make her stand out in today’s music business.

Her brand new single ‘Miracle’ will surely bring a charge of positivity and high-quality sound to your days. Through personal narratives, Anna speaks to listeners on a personal level and demonstrates depth and innovation in her relatable tales. She explains that the ‘Miracle’ is about “finding your true self without putting others down.” Her unstoppable college punk rock combined with gentle, lingering vocals create an emotional connection with listeners.

Anna is fearless when it comes to breaking her voice. She also takes risks and pushes the envelope in terms of her musical expression. Her latest track ‘Miracle’ is a continuation of a great era of rock, and it showcases her versatility and innovation. The song is full of energy and has a soulful, cheerful atmosphere that is a real pleasure to listen to. My only complaint is that it ended too soon. I think you will find that if you give ‘Miracle’ a few listens, it will grow on you. Anna has created a cohesive sound, using her own voice to great effect, and she takes the listener on a varied and interesting journey.

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