UK based rock band whAte has released a new single ‘Brainman.’ This song is an exciting blend of intense emotions and powerful rhythms of guitars and drums.

The new single ‘Brainman’ is a mix of powerful vocals, melodic backing vocals, and a wild array of rock rhythms. Furthermore, the guitar solos are especially impressive, and Dave’s voice breaks the rhythm to create a unique atmosphere. The fast rhythm is complemented by melodic vocals, and the climax of the song changes the rhythm to a more intense level. The musicians have created a thoughtful track that is full of emotion and a confused yet exciting rhythm. So every rock fan will be able to relate to the wild emotions that this type of rock metal music brings.

Overall ‘Brainman’ is an unstoppable giant in size, sound, and scope. With this song, whAte offers a thought-provoking view of today’s society. Their sound is reminiscent of acts like Muse, combining a contemporary post-punk style with nostalgic elements. From their soaring, euphoric breakdowns of stand-out alt anthems to their savagely fierce energy, the band certainly knows how to create powerful songs. I’m keen to hear more and I highly recommend giving the new single a listen and enjoying it. Dave’s voice is powerful and impressive, and the song could easily be used as a movie soundtrack.

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