STARS AT NIGHT by Franc O’cher

Singer-songwriter Franc O’cher from Canada has released his new single ‘Stars At Night’. Franc creates his own story of sounds each time focusing on something new.

Developing his love of music at an excessive pace, Franc became a great connoisseur of the music he was inspired by. James Bay, Simple Plan, Bryan Adams gave him free way to great music, which he eventually began to create himself. The new single ‘Stars At Night’ is a mixture of pop folk, classic rock vocals and acoustic. The musician mixes genres and forms an experimental sound that sounds familiar and unusual at the same time. I like that Franc’s music has strength and power that is mixed with a light acoustic arrangement.

O’cher blurs the lines between pop rock and Americana and unlike previos single ‘So’, the new song is more upbeat inspired by warm sentiments highlighting Franc’s innovativeness as the composer. The slow, almost lyrical opening gives way to Franc’s bright vocals on the chorus. Franc’s music is first of all a revelation, a confession of deep, sincere feelings that overwhelm his heart, for his loved ones and his beloved. The musician gives himself without reserve in order to bring his idea and his thoughts into the world, and these qualities are certainly admirable. Listen to ‘Stars At Night’ to get away from the gray of everyday life and move to beautiful places where the night, ocean, music and love.

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